Friday, March 1, 2013

Facebook Ultimate Goal with Atlas tool?

Here is the deal signed with Microsoft in acquiring the platform, which they have been looking for a while to function much better in terms of ad technology.

Facebook believe in having a strong fight with Google Inc……

  • Buying of Advertising Technology from Microsoft Corp with an attempt to improve effectiveness of ads on its website, will have huge impact in their market share.
  • Facebook will purchase Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ad management and measurement platform.
  • Facebook did not disclose the deal amount.
  • Relief from embarrassment, after co. like General Motors Co. declared pulling the plug on all paid advertising on Facebook network after its IPO during May last year.
  • They believe purchase is not a step forward creating a much wider ad network beyond Facebook site.
  • Now, it’s time to make some difference. The question is how quickly and successfully facebook can integrate its data with Atlas tool.
  • Google Leads the $15 billion us market for online display ads with 15.4 per cent share and facebook with 14.4 per cent.

Will they over take????

Monday, February 4, 2013

Lets Share and Celebrate the Birthday of our Social Giant.

"Happy Birthday Day Facebook"- 02/04/2013

From the day we connected with Facebook, we never had a chance to forget birthday's of our buddies. We are pleased and thankful for such innovative product with less complication.

No boundaries today in getting close to people and staying connected.

"Sharing and Commenting" is been the most fascinating aspect all through its journey.

"Like and Poke" has always worked on well.

"Facebook Graph Search" today is the most innovative concept to bring in people with Common Interest.

Facebook with the plan for going public to raise capital for the purpose of "Research and Development" is something fabulous attempt and it will satisfy the investors and users of Facebook.

"We all wish 9 year old Facebook a very happy and ever lasting birthday".

Milestones achieved during its journey.

Facebook was started on February 4, 2004 in a dorm of Harvard University by Mark Zuckerburg with the help of his four friends Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum and Chris Hughes.

The world's biggest social media site called in its initial days, and was later renamed to just Facebook.

In September 2004, Facebook introduced the Wall, which allows people to write personal thoughts for which Zuckerberg faced a lawsuit for stealing the idea from some other firm.

Later in a bid to further expansion, Facebook included high schools in the year 2005.

In 2006, Facebook introduced News Feed which actually gathers all your Wall posts in one place.  

In October 2007, Facebook sold 1.6 percent stake to Microsoft for US 240 million.

Further, it also introduced Beacon program, which is a feature that broadcasts people’s activities on dozens of outside sites in November 2007.

In April 2008, Facebook introduced Chat feature.

In the year 2009, Facebook’s “Like” feature was introduced.

Further, in 2010, location feature was added to know the exact location of users and friends.

In the year 2011, Facebook introduced Timeline, a new version of the profile page.

Later, in January 2012, Timeline feature was made mandatory by the social networking website.

Facebook has crossed and sailed through comfortably to converted our thoughts with action. Choices has been fulfilled with the changes, and dream about innovation has never stopped since we started sharing.
Lets Share and Celebrate the Birthday of our Social Giant. Thank you Facebook.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Face Book - No More a social Giant ?

Facebook - A social giant ? let's have a complete analysis and overview whether Facebook is a social giant and what its current status ?

Before i start making a statement about Facebook is a social giant or not . i would like to give a complete stats about the Facebook .
  • Facebook User Count is one Billion and have a 1 Trillion connections .
  • Facebook Ranked 2 in the Global site and have a reputation of 8,01,3634 sites linked in (source : Alexa )
  • Facebook has 192 M android , 147 M apple,48 M iPad and 56 M messenger Mobile user count.
  • Facebook set a record by uploading 1.1 B photos on new year's day/eve.
Let's have a look , what are the other social networking sites/competitors of Facebook.
  • Google +
  • Twitter
  • Linked in
  • My Space
  • Pint rest
I have listed the social network sites as per the ranking . As we reviewed latest stats among social networking sites, Google plus is a real competitor for the Facebook. Google + has thrashed the rankings of twitter to moved up one place higher .The main and one of the massive reason behind Google + improvement  is blogging , Now a days people all around started blogging , Google provides blogging site free for the people to starts there own blog-spot site as well they are offering the blogger to start monetize via Google itself ,

Whats there in it and is it anywhere related to the topic ?
Yes of-course , the above discussed are truly related to the topic and can also get it how the massive change over happened in ranking of Google + . In the recent past Google has implemented a great idea of merging the Google + with blogger account and also added some notes like linking the account may result the blogger in Google author rank and blogger page rank . As a result of this blogger started linking the Google + account and also people started the +1 the topic by making the post popular (They need to sign up to the social network to do these activities)

Whats the impact now ?
Due to this massive improvement by Google has affected the ranking of twitter which is so far been called as a 2nd social giant . Facebook also implemented some new features like graph search etc but due to the latest buzz about the Facebook made negative impact among the people !!! 

What are the buzz about Facebook ?
Many have heard that Facebook started the photos ( instagram )without the up-loader knowledge and few months before a buzz stating Facebook tracks you even when you are log-out !and the recent buzz is Facebook delivers a mail to the people in us pay back $10 .

Cons :
As per the current stats Facebook is considered to be the social giant even though the latest buzz about the Facebook and massive rank changing over the social networking sites . Facebook stands tall by implementing new innovations that makes people to stay in the site . The new word over addiction among people is "Facebook" .

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Facebook Without internet - India From Any Mobile Device

Hi all , Previously have shared a article about the Air-tel Facebook Free Access . today am gonna share a trick to access Facebook even without internet from any mobile device across India.

facebook for free,facebook,india,any mobile device,without internet

Requirements :

  • You need some basic mobile (ex:1100) to do this trick.
  • so far free Facebook access is provided to the following service Air-tel, Idea, Aircel and Tata Docomo users only and may be brings it to other networks.
  • Check the below screenshot and follow the steps(Recommended)

Let me start the steps to access the Facebook :

  • Make sure you have the above mentioned network to use this trick 
  • Now Dial *325# and wait for few seconds .
  • Pop-up menu will appear , you to enter the username/email id (email id is recommended)
  • followed by need to enter password (next popup)

Thats it .. now you can access the facebook with the following
  • News Feed
  • update status
  • post on wall
  • friend request
  • Messages
  • Notifications(from the list of numbers 1-6)

Choose the numbers which you would like to access .

You can also check who are online and chat them and also you could get direct dial number to chat with individual friend, if you are outside of your Facebook account, you have to dial no. and message them. Using this unlimited service have minor charges, just you have to pay only Rs. 1.00/day and use this feature unlimited

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menufonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu
fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu
fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

Hope you all like the trick .. if you find any difficulty accessing it  , do comment below will try to sort it out

Revenue Rose 40% as Facebook Strengthen on Mobile Advertisement Sales.

Squeezing is the right word used by Facebook to post an 40% growth in Fourth- quarter revenue to climb up to reach $1.59 billion and it is considered to be strongest quarterly advertising Sale so far.
Profit fell by 79%, weighed down by spending on new initiatives and charges related to employee stock.
Mobile users brought in more money due to the use of smart phones. Advertising on the mobile newsfeed accounted for 23 per cent of its advertising revenue, which is double the forecast and last quarter result.
"The quarter was a little like a cold shower after you've been out all night - it's something that makes you sober up very quickly,"

Revenue Posting Up

Cost spent on Research and development has finally set an negative impact on the wall street after showing a growth on quarter to quarter results in revenue.

Facebook Shares
Closed at $31.24 on Wednesday fell more than 3 Percent, the stock plummeted as Wall Street soured on its ability to increase profit as fast as investors wanted.

Facebook Users
Company reported 1.06 billion active users for the month.

Figure to Watch out
4th Quarter
                               Actual  Predicted  Impact
Revenue                  $1.59   $1.52        +ve
Revenue %              40%    34%          +ve
Mobile Ad Rev %    23%    14%          +ve
Cent a Share            17       15             +ve

Negative impact (-ve)
Net Income for the quarter was $64 million or 3 cents a share, compared to $302 million or 14 cents a share a year earlier
which paved way for speculation and thereby closed with a drop in share price as the company is preparing itself for future, than looking into huge margin for the following quarters.

Zuckerberg said that recently introduced products such as Gifts, which allows Facebook users to purchase retail goods for their friends, as well as its new social search tool could become important businesses in the future. But in the near term he said that Facebook's advertising efforts will be the core of its business.

Facebook Plans
Expenses on employees expected to jump 50% in 2013.
Capital investment may climb to $1.8 billion, up 14% from last year $1.58
Intend to Spend more on Opportunities in hiring skilled people and build products for future.
Facebook has taken forward after all the hard work they have done to build in "Graph Search" an unique product to stay connected.

FBNME suggest Facebook to come up with something more than graph search, either by creating a tool which can support the users in staying connected with people with mutual interest in one subject matter.

Even though the company showed a remarkable growth in quart on quart sale,  it still fetch a less interest among the investors due to its excess spending on research and development.
Experts still feel the company are adopting with the market competition and will perform better in long run as they spend more on capital expenditure "the market would be less happy if they were not finding enough opportunities."
Investor should always look into FB. inc. which is expected to come up with more innovative products and services.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Class 10 Boy Suspended for Facebook Post ?

It’s such a time now even newborns have Facebook pages, In Chennai a photograph published by a class 10 boy got him into trouble than like .

sad boy

The boy, who published a photograph of himself with classmates inside the classroom, was suspended by the school management.The management informed other students of his suspension through a circular. There was no written order on suspension, complaint was lodged with the commissioner against the management by his parents.The boy’s mother says, it all started when she went to the school to question a teacher who used vulgar words against her son.She says that the issue turned against her son as there are 30 other students as members in Facebook but no action has been taken by the management. The boy was shattered when he came to know that his suspension was conveyed in a circular to the whole school.The management refused to comment on the same.


This news is an example of how some private schools in Chennai dictate terms to students and their parents. The management will be good only to parents who nod to their tunes or to those who are rich and influential.

Thanks to TimesofIndia for sharing this information .

Kindly share your views on this article .

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Click Download Facebook Album - Photo Backup Solution

Need a backup of your Facebook album ? here's the one stop solution for you !!! Now you can take complete backup of your Facebook album , so that you can restore it when ever you want it . , facebook photo backup ,album backup

Steps to do it :
  • Go to the link of the of the following website FACEBOOK2ZIP , Login with your Facebook account.
  • Allow the Facebook.Zip App through Facebook (ie) click go to app.
  • Select your name if you want to download your photos or type the name of a friend to download his photos. Then click on next.
  • Selected Profile albums will be previewed, Select the Albums to be downloaded, and Click Download (use CTRL key to select multiple files/albums)
  • Finally, the Albums selected are downloaded, If to abort the download, Click Abort
Screens for better understanding : , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup
  • Albums which you downloaded will be saved in the "MY PICTURES" destination of the computer as a zip File. Extract the file and get the albums.
  • To Log-out from the application , log out button is available at the bottom of the page .

Credits :
Facebook2zip is a free service that allows you to backup your Facebook profile downloading all your photos into a single zip archive!

You can also download all of your friends' photos in the same way!

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