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Facebook Without internet - India From Any Mobile Device

Hi all , Previously have shared a article about the Air-tel Facebook Free Access . today am gonna share a trick to access Facebook even without internet from any mobile device across India.

facebook for free,facebook,india,any mobile device,without internet

Requirements :

  • You need some basic mobile (ex:1100) to do this trick.
  • so far free Facebook access is provided to the following service Air-tel, Idea, Aircel and Tata Docomo users only and may be brings it to other networks.
  • Check the below screenshot and follow the steps(Recommended)

Let me start the steps to access the Facebook :

  • Make sure you have the above mentioned network to use this trick 
  • Now Dial *325# and wait for few seconds .
  • Pop-up menu will appear , you to enter the username/email id (email id is recommended)
  • followed by need to enter password (next popup)

Thats it .. now you can access the facebook with the following
  • News Feed
  • update status
  • post on wall
  • friend request
  • Messages
  • Notifications(from the list of numbers 1-6)

Choose the numbers which you would like to access .

You can also check who are online and chat them and also you could get direct dial number to chat with individual friend, if you are outside of your Facebook account, you have to dial no. and message them. Using this unlimited service have minor charges, just you have to pay only Rs. 1.00/day and use this feature unlimited

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menufonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu
fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu
fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

fonetwish,free facebook.without internet facebook,fonetwish menu

Hope you all like the trick .. if you find any difficulty accessing it  , do comment below will try to sort it out

Revenue Rose 40% as Facebook Strengthen on Mobile Advertisement Sales.

Squeezing is the right word used by Facebook to post an 40% growth in Fourth- quarter revenue to climb up to reach $1.59 billion and it is considered to be strongest quarterly advertising Sale so far.
Profit fell by 79%, weighed down by spending on new initiatives and charges related to employee stock.
Mobile users brought in more money due to the use of smart phones. Advertising on the mobile newsfeed accounted for 23 per cent of its advertising revenue, which is double the forecast and last quarter result.
"The quarter was a little like a cold shower after you've been out all night - it's something that makes you sober up very quickly,"

Revenue Posting Up

Cost spent on Research and development has finally set an negative impact on the wall street after showing a growth on quarter to quarter results in revenue.

Facebook Shares
Closed at $31.24 on Wednesday fell more than 3 Percent, the stock plummeted as Wall Street soured on its ability to increase profit as fast as investors wanted.

Facebook Users
Company reported 1.06 billion active users for the month.

Figure to Watch out
4th Quarter
                               Actual  Predicted  Impact
Revenue                  $1.59   $1.52        +ve
Revenue %              40%    34%          +ve
Mobile Ad Rev %    23%    14%          +ve
Cent a Share            17       15             +ve

Negative impact (-ve)
Net Income for the quarter was $64 million or 3 cents a share, compared to $302 million or 14 cents a share a year earlier
which paved way for speculation and thereby closed with a drop in share price as the company is preparing itself for future, than looking into huge margin for the following quarters.

Zuckerberg said that recently introduced products such as Gifts, which allows Facebook users to purchase retail goods for their friends, as well as its new social search tool could become important businesses in the future. But in the near term he said that Facebook's advertising efforts will be the core of its business.

Facebook Plans
Expenses on employees expected to jump 50% in 2013.
Capital investment may climb to $1.8 billion, up 14% from last year $1.58
Intend to Spend more on Opportunities in hiring skilled people and build products for future.
Facebook has taken forward after all the hard work they have done to build in "Graph Search" an unique product to stay connected.

FBNME suggest Facebook to come up with something more than graph search, either by creating a tool which can support the users in staying connected with people with mutual interest in one subject matter.

Even though the company showed a remarkable growth in quart on quart sale,  it still fetch a less interest among the investors due to its excess spending on research and development.
Experts still feel the company are adopting with the market competition and will perform better in long run as they spend more on capital expenditure "the market would be less happy if they were not finding enough opportunities."
Investor should always look into FB. inc. which is expected to come up with more innovative products and services.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Class 10 Boy Suspended for Facebook Post ?

It’s such a time now even newborns have Facebook pages, In Chennai a photograph published by a class 10 boy got him into trouble than like .

sad boy

The boy, who published a photograph of himself with classmates inside the classroom, was suspended by the school management.The management informed other students of his suspension through a circular. There was no written order on suspension, complaint was lodged with the commissioner against the management by his parents.The boy’s mother says, it all started when she went to the school to question a teacher who used vulgar words against her son.She says that the issue turned against her son as there are 30 other students as members in Facebook but no action has been taken by the management. The boy was shattered when he came to know that his suspension was conveyed in a circular to the whole school.The management refused to comment on the same.


This news is an example of how some private schools in Chennai dictate terms to students and their parents. The management will be good only to parents who nod to their tunes or to those who are rich and influential.

Thanks to TimesofIndia for sharing this information .

Kindly share your views on this article .

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

One Click Download Facebook Album - Photo Backup Solution

Need a backup of your Facebook album ? here's the one stop solution for you !!! Now you can take complete backup of your Facebook album , so that you can restore it when ever you want it . , facebook photo backup ,album backup

Steps to do it :
  • Go to the link of the of the following website FACEBOOK2ZIP , Login with your Facebook account.
  • Allow the Facebook.Zip App through Facebook (ie) click go to app.
  • Select your name if you want to download your photos or type the name of a friend to download his photos. Then click on next.
  • Selected Profile albums will be previewed, Select the Albums to be downloaded, and Click Download (use CTRL key to select multiple files/albums)
  • Finally, the Albums selected are downloaded, If to abort the download, Click Abort
Screens for better understanding : , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup , facebook photo backup ,album backup
  • Albums which you downloaded will be saved in the "MY PICTURES" destination of the computer as a zip File. Extract the file and get the albums.
  • To Log-out from the application , log out button is available at the bottom of the page .

Credits :
Facebook2zip is a free service that allows you to backup your Facebook profile downloading all your photos into a single zip archive!

You can also download all of your friends' photos in the same way!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Spam Ads on Facebook Profile( How to identify ? How to Recover ? ) -Complete Guide

Have you ever noticed the spam advertisement in your Facebook profile page ? If not , let me tell you how the ads will be(to identify) and how to recover from it ?

facebook spam ad's

Spam Ad's ?
Yes many would have identified that some of the ads are spam and many doesn't . Have created this article for both .in simple this article for the people who doesn't know how the ads will be and what it gonna do my profile or my PC. and for the people those who know about the spam ads am gonna give the steps to recover .

How it look's like at your Facebook Profile page ? :
Generally the spam ad's will be displayed at the middle of the status and at the sidebar of your profile page , 

Screen shot  :

facebook page rage spam

What does it do :
As of my experience it doesn't affect your account .where as ads will be published as i pointed out in the screen (FYI : these ads will be published not only on Facebook but also in what ever website you open will experience the same) , these ads will be annoying for the people when they about to read the status message posted by there loved one's .

Steps to Recover :
  • Go To : Control Panel -> Program and features -> find your browser which you were using while getting the virus -> Double click on your browser ( e.g Chrome, Firefox, IE ... ) -> Uninstall it 
  • While searching the "Programs and features" for your browser.. see if you can find any other program called "Yon too" or "Page Rage" if you find those, uninstall them too.
  • Enjoy your ad free Facebook.
yantoo or page rage

Note :
Take a Backup of Browser Setup Files,For Re-installation ( if you don't Have one Download From internet) 

Credits :
I would Like to thank Facebook page-rage page for sharing this article .

Facebook Surprise [Unlimited Access]

Facebook delivers a surprise gift to Indian users ! yes , Facebook join hands with Airtel India for the unlimited access of Facebook .

facebook airtel
image credit : Facebook India

First of all there is no trick involved , Facebook and airtel are very clear about the unlimited access to the Indian users .

How does it work :
  • Just install this Facebook application on your smartphone and start accessing the application without paying any money .
Already installed :
  • If you have the application already installed on your smartphone ,No issues straight away start access the Facebook on your smartphone without any charges.
  • Surprise Gift will expire on 6th February 2013.
Enjoy the Facebook Unlimited and Stay in touch with friends & family without paying data charges.

Credits :
We would thank Facebook India for Sharing the information 

Friday, January 25, 2013

Facebook Pro's and Con's

Face Book – I would call it the social window of opportunities! 

facebook pro's and con's

Facebook has become a part of everyone’s life lately and has always amazed its users with its various options and capabilities at same time it is also notorious for controversies as it is used across various nations, cultures and ages.
So we have made an understanding that we must keep in mind certain Pro’s and Con’s while using face book.

Let’s begin with the Pro’s :
  • Face book is a biggest friend for the isolated, and includes all humans without any kind of discrimination it promotes international integration.
  • FB allows its users to connect beyond boundaries and is a saviour for those who live far from their family or loved ones.
  • FB being an international social network provides a good platform for forward thinkers, social activists to initiate change & and create awareness.
  • FB has reached as many users possible by any social network so it can be used as a marketing tool by business people.
  • A few hours of FB in a day will help us stay connected with the social environment and keeps us updated with friend’s activities.
  • FB helps to connect with like-minded people across the globe so that small groups can be formed and easily controlled for some public good.
Now the Con’s :
  • FB obviously is very addictive and will easily take your valuable time.
  • It creates a kind of social insecurity for certain group of people who are speaking their minds out.
  • FB nurtures envy & jealousy, this is a very bad aspect which may lead to stress and depression.
  • Weaker forces of the society are vulnerable as the dominant force create issues like racism, exploitation, discrimination and thus leads to social distress.
  • FB sadly is a made a platform for false show off, worthless status updates, harassment and cyber -crimes which is often irritating.
  • Finally it is very hard to deactivate your FB account unless you are too stubborn with your decision.

Final Words:
So Facebook has to be used wisely with awareness, social respect and a purpose. It has gone beyond the boundaries of its initial intentions of being a dating site and has opened up new possibilities for its users.

This great article is shared by Mithun Venkatesh . He is working as a trainee @Ministry of corporate affairs and Guest Blogger @FbnMe . Do follow him via Facebook .

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FaceWash App Remove Stains of Your Facebook

“This is your face on the internet, and you might need to wash it”
Want to remove vulgar, embarrassing pages from Facebook?
If you haven’t been careful so far now you got a way to clean them by using this app ‘ Face-wash’.

facebook facewash

Face-wash’ app will search through your Facebook activity and content for items that you want to hide or delete. That could includes your status update, photo caption, and comments left or received as well as pages and links that were linked.
“It is important that you realize there’s lot of content that perhaps someone might not want a future employer to see,” Daniel Gur, developer.   
Face-wash comes in, ready to wash away all the dirty jokes, beer talk, late night snapshots, and questionable "likes," links and updates from your Facebook page.

  • To use Face-wash, you need to go to its website,, and click “Get started” and log into your Facebook account.
  • You will be promoted to click “Go to App” and then give the app permission to access your contents.
  • Search for a term and the app starts looking through all your profile content.
  • If Face-wash finds a match, it will show it to you and the link the posts, so you can easily delete a status or remove a picture.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mark and His Social Graph Search - Some interesting Facts

“FB makes the world more open and connected”
To be more specific in connecting with friends it came out with the concept of Social Graph, which the market didn't accept initially. But after a limited demo launched last week it is expected to bring lot of changes in investor and users of Facebook.

Facebook Graph search mapFacebook Graph search


Facebook tools are built to map out friends, who are interested to stay connected and to find and make friends by using living data base available to public.

Facebook Graph search

Three Pillars of Facebook :

-News feed         -Timeline       -Graph search

Graph Search is Privacy Aware :
  • Every piece of content has its own audience.
  • Most content is not public.
  • You can only search for content that has been shared with you.
So let’s forget worrying about privacy setting and ensure in finding people and their interest to follow and share information available. 

Difference between Web Search & Graph Search :

Difference between Web Search & Graph Search

Quarries have 1000 elements… FB. Inc. has worked hard to bring out interesting outcome no one has ever done.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Face Book the right script to fit into your portfolio? - Complete Report

Face Book has found itself in a very difficult position in placing its script in the Wall Street following its failure at its initial public offering. Security analysts at the investment banks have never wavered in their enthusiasm right from the beginning.

facebook stock

Reason for the downgrade of FB IPO :
Major underwriters of Face Book like Morgan Stanley, J.P.Morgan and Goldman Sachs Group failed to figure out the price and remained with Buy recommendations even as in house mutual funds sold some of their Facebook holding initially. Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwealth William Galvin alleged that Morgan Stanley technology banker’s circumvented rules when they advised Facebook finance officials how to lower revenue estimates just before Facebook went public. MS didn't admit or deny the allegations.
“The system is being gamed by the financial- service industry “a strong message to avoid such sort of conduct says experts.

IPO (Considered overweight rating) :
Morgan Stanley- Price Target $38 , J.P. Morgan & Goldman Sachs- Price Target $42.
Continued with sale of its major holding by underwriters within few months of listing, created a panic and thereby finding a point at which the script found its price to float between 25 to 30$.
FB is a Healthy Investment says experts Research Analyst offering a higher number off “HOLD” rating for the companies share than “BUY
A “Hold” rating probably suggests the company is fairly valued at current price and the investor should hang on to share if they already own. Analyst looks into uncertainty with Facebook revenue-generation business model and the tough market condition may be the contributing factor behind such call.
Still the major player like J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sacs are bullish with Facebook share price target expecting the range between $42- $45 over 18 months.
"We believe Facebook's virtual ownership of the social graph, strong competitive moat, and unwavering focus on the user experience position the company to significantly improve monetization over time and to become an enduring, blue-chip company built for the long term," J.P. Morgan's Doug Anmuth.
Facebook, Inc (FB)
Closing at $30.73 at Nasdaq as on Jan 22, 2013.
Recommendation Trends
Strong Buy 30%, Buy 40% and Hold 30% as per current month is concern by analyst around the world.

Did You Know ? how much the Facebook interns earn ? - Secret Revealed

According to Glass-door site , Facebook is the top paying for interns , the survey is made among the top 50 employers .

facebook logo

How much the interns earn ? 
As per the stats . Facebook is paying average intern approximately $5,600/per month (ie) $67,000/per year.

Is that Huge ?
According to Social Security, The Official Website of U.S. Social Security Administration, in 2011 the average individual's earnings were $42,979 per year, which was 3.1% higher than in 2010. This means that Facebook interns are making approximately $25,000 more than the average American .

How do these interns earn such large sums of money?

As a Fresher , most are in the software engineering field. The average software engineer at Facebook makes about $100,000 per year. As per the source , average software engineer in U.S. companies makes $93,000 per year.

What makes Facebook software engineers so valuable ?
Facebook software engineers have the ability to quickly adapt, read code, debug online technology and design software .

Credits :
Thanks to yahoo for sharing the stats about Facebook .

Want to be an Facebook Employee ? wait for the next update , Special recipe is awaiting for you all .

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Facebook Envy ?

Is it true One- Third of Face Book Users are Envy?

facebook frustrated user
Yes, Face Book members were surveyed regarding their feelings after using the platform.Unfortunately respondents reported predominantly negative feelings, such as frustration,Dissatisfaction, and emotionally insecure.

The researchers identified that envying their "Face book friends" is the major reason for this result,. -Dr. Hanna Krasnova Survey states Face Book has a colossal role in users emotional life.

facebook people
Image credit : google

Members engaged in any active, interpersonal communication on social networks and primarily utilize them as source of information are considered have much better stay in accessing face book. Passive use of Face book heightens invidious emotions that, in turn, adversely affect users satisfaction with their lives
 "Considering the fact that Face book use is a worldwide phenomenon and envy is a universal feeling, a lot of people are subject to these painful consequences." 
Hit Like- if you can’t put in words, be the first one to Appreciate or Congratulate, don’t feel the burden, enjoy every moment of your stay in Face Book and if you’re bored simple just sign out. :-P

Monday, January 21, 2013

One Click Invite Everyone for the Facebook event

faebook event

This is a special post for the people who create a event on the group . As the title says it would be much helper for the people creating event .

Reason for this trick :
When you create a event on the group and wanted to invite people / friends to join the event make so much of time as you have to click over the mouse to select every friend on the list . am providing this trick so as to minimize the work load and time of the event creator

What does it do :
it will make the selection of 50 people from your friend list .just tap the enter key after following the below steps to make a quick selection of 50 people .

Steps :
  • Go to Your Event ( Which you have created )
  • Now click invite Friends , Popup window will open
  • click CTRL + SHIFT + J ,  below window will open 
  • just copy the below code and hit enter 
javascript:elms=document.getElementsByName("checkableitems[]");for (i=0;i<elms.length;i++){if (elms[i].type="checkbox" )elms[i].click()};

NOTE : it takes some Seconds or even minutes to load up and select the friends ( Depends upon the number of friends on your List )

Credits :
Thanks to Lord html for sharing this awesome trick .

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things you should know about Facebook - An Interesting article

I hope everyone know about the social giant "Facebook"  May be silly but still few around the world doesn't know about it . Facebook ! what does all about it ?
" Making the world more open and connected" -  Mark Zuckerberg 
Okay let me come to the point . Things you should know about Facebook , i hope many doesn't know about the hidden facts , history and about the CEO of the Facebook .


Facebook and Me is launched to share the hidden facts , tricks , hacks , history about the Facebook . Today , in this post am gonna share you about the Facebook recipe list and dates .

Facebook recipe list and dates :

February 4, 2004 - Mark Started Working at Facebook @ Palo Alto, California
September 26, 2006 - Mark made Facebook open to everyone before that Facebook open to College Students on February 4, 2004 and High School Students Join Facebook on September 3, 2005
September 5, 2004 - Mark Launched the Wall
September 6, 2006 - Mark along with 5 Friends Launched News Feed
August 29, 2008 -Facebook hits 100M Users
February 10, 2010 - New Home Page Tour demo launched
April 20, 2010 - End of Facebook lite
April 21, 2010 - Launched Like Button
May 29, 2010 - Privacy on Facebook video launched
June 8, 2010 -  Understanding Social Plugins video launched
June 18, 2010 - Controlling How Your Information is Shared video launched
July 7, 2010 - How Advertising Works on Facebook video launched
July 13, 2010 - Microsoft launches outlook Facebook integration
July 21, 2010 - Mark celebrates on Facebook 500 Million users
August 4, 2010 - Facebook for Android 1.3 now available
August 6, 2010 - Shared What's the Difference between Top News and Most Recent?
August 19, 2010 - Why Check In? video launched
October 1, 2010 - Facebook opened its office in India today
October 6, 2010 - Download Your Information video launched
October 6, 2010 - New Facebook Groups video launched
October 6, 2010 - New Dashboard for Applications You Use video launched
December 8, 2010 - Introducing the New Facebook Profile video launched
January 31, 2011 - Introduced Deals
May 11, 2011 - Photo tagging for Pages launched
July 7, 2011 - integration of Video Calling launched
July 13, 2011 - Facebook for Every Phone launched
May 24, 2012 - Facebook Camera introduced
May 18, 2012 - Team of Facebook Hacked the NASDAQ Button
January 15, 2013 - Introduced Graph Search .

Credits :
Above information is gathered from various sources and we here proud to distribute the knowledge we gathered without any credits

i hope now everyone would aware of Facebook recipe list and dates , kindly share your thoughts and dates if i missed out any and share the content on social networks.

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About us

FB N ME is created with the intention of thinking beyond the box and will bring out information which will be beneficiary to the users of Face Book  Every individual has an interest and thereby as we are addicted to Facebook . we like to bring out the awesomeness and productiveness of Face Book

facebook and me

Facebook a door to enter into the million of hearts, a friend to share our feelings, a book to gain knowledge.
FB N ME is just to make an insight about a site which made the world shorter and our life sweeter.
Let’s use our addiction to explore something.

FB N ME @ the Following social network , Join us to build liking towards every bit of our acts in our life.

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